Maybe some of you interested in maxell002



Maxell 8x DVD+R (code:MAXELL002)
Made in Japan.

Plex 716a 1.02
burned at 12x


LG4163 1.00 burned at 12x also.


Benq 1620pro B7P9 burned at 12x


conclusion: LG4163B overspeeds this media best!


Well, you’d expect media from Hitachi Maxell to burn well on a Hitachi-LG burner :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I bought a spindle of the 8x of these at my Future Shop in town, and they are the same awesome code. My 4120 burns them at 12x as well, no scans though, but these are all I am going to buy for now, as long as the packaging says Made In Japan :slight_smile: Means I am happy, my burner is happy, and my discs will be read at least a year from now :slight_smile: