Maybe New Nero Today or Tomorrow



Well I would suspect that Ahead will release the long awaited fix for DVD’s today. I know its been argued that some people have success and others don’t. I am not here to debate, other than I can burn a dvd with record now dx 4.6 and it plays on 12 different DVD players that I have access to while dvd’s burnt with Nero is a hit and miss. Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to sell Record Now, I prefer Nero and look forward to this fix.

Maybe Erwin and Rene will release a new version of DVD2ONE at the same time. I have not heard to much from the DVD2ONE corner in a while, which is curious. Either they are hard at work, trying to complete another version, on a vacation, having problems implementing full 1:1 copying, or all of the above. Well kudos to them anyway, If I was in the Netherlands, I would take them out and buy them a few rounds of beer, then send them back to work. hehe

Have a good weekend guys…

By the way I have been working on a shell for DVD2ONE to do full 1:1 dvds and have run into a small problem. When I subclass IFOEDIT and select Create IFO, it does not release control back to my shell. Any input would be great.