Maybe more fake Verbatim media, this time 16x media?

I just posted the article Maybe more fake Verbatim media, this time 16x media?.

Pac used our news submit to tell us: I read about the counterfeit Verbatim 8x DVD-R here and was quite concerned about this. I also participate in a German forum called BrennMeister…

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I don’t fool around when it comes to buying media. I never go through meritline for instance. Just go to They stick with one type of DVD-R and they do DVD-RAM too (from Panasonic)

lol, the fake media manufacturers putting a porn site URL in the cake box? Pure class.

Maybe the pornsite is compensation for getting shafted over the fake media :g

uh, my REAL (afaik - burns well anyway) verbatim 16x dvd-r has that fake porn site url in it, and NOT the real bought from is my media fake then?

oh the outside label on the 25 spindle cakebox has but the inside label like this article mentions has the fake www.d*

Well - fake fake fake getting passed off, maybe they’re putting the site on to earn more money :stuck_out_tongue:

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