Maybe mis-stated about BenQ

As I said before, I didn’t want to cause such an uproar and I apologzie to the moderators because I know they closed the last thread because it was getting out of hand, but I wanted to say one last thing.

Someone mentioned Blue Laser drives from BenQ in the near future so maybe I misunderstood what was being said to me. It’s quite possible that they are discontinuing their desktop opticals (1620 and/or 1640) so they can concentrate on the next generation optical drives.

Again, I apologize to the moderators for bringing this up again, I just wanted to clarify a little.

Well, where are the mods now I wonder…

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cerealkiller9, the reason the thread was closed was that it was not productive. Very few people were contributing to the discussion, and the majority of the posts were posts attacking people (well, attacking you). The thread was not closed because we felt that you were trying to stir up trouble or because we thought that the rumor was false (I think that the rumor is doubtful, but that by itself does not merit a thread closure). You seem to honestly believe that this was a legitimate rumor (and I note that you were careful to classify it as a rumor and not as some sort of fact), and I never really saw any evidence to indicate that you were starting the thread on purpose to cause problems, so you are not being held at fault.

So once again, as a reminder to everyone for the future, the thread was closed because a number of people posting in it were not contributing in a positive way. If you think that the rumor is false, then you should do what eleewhm did and post evidence and reasons for that. Attacking the user and posting things like “CD Freaks Rookie” (which is a little ironic coming from a “New on Forum” ;)) is not productive and is what causes such threads to be closed.

Two general rules of thumb: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If you don’t have anything constructive to add to a discussion, don’t post anything at all. :slight_smile:

well Blu-Ray is the next gen of OD …and BenQ is already in it…just that the big players have not come to a common consensus on format/standards…so to even see a retail set soon will take a while… :eek:

fact 1620 is already as we put it in MFG terms EOL… ( End of Line ) …but that does not mean firmware support is also EOL…in fact there is still a team of RD ppl in charge of 1620 firmware… :clap:

as for the 1640 being EOL…well in a normal product life cycle …6- 9 months is already a very good duration for the product to be “alive”…firmware support will still be there of course…

even if 1620 / 1640 are EOL :sad: …there will be new products to take over where the 1620/1640 left off :iagree: …i can assure you of that… :iagree: :iagree:

All that said…i think these yr still look pretty good for the 1640…who knows maybe by christmas you will get to see some new christmas gifts??..

Actually, this is beginning to sound more and more like TDK rather than BenQ.

Anyway, I think some of you guys might be interested in this thread too, click for sneak peek into the near future.

too sneaky preview…MAC… :smiley:

erm, how should I put it? Look ma, no rules broken… hee hee.

I think the whole concept of overspeeding is about to be turned on its head when the new stuff is officially released in the future cos it allows overspeeding for every media instead of limiting it to certain ones only. Dangerous but fun!

Thanks for the link and the preview. :flower:

Prodisc R03 at 8x seemed to be good in all DVD burners I had just like TYG02 and SONY08D1 so it must have been ignored for overspeed writing for too long.

BTW, you’ve got now over 20,000 posts at Hardwarezone.

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Hi Kenshin,

I got lucky when I grabbed these ProdsicR03 for testing at just US 21c each from someone who didn’t want them anymore. Quite surprised that they did so well at 16x even cos I don’t know of any other burner which even dare to do them at 16x.

As for the BenQ Sony08D1 and printable Panasonic TYG02 media in my other HWZ threads, they are new to the local market here and being sold at relatively good prices too. The Panasonic TYG02 is very high quality stuff, kind of suspect that they are actually meant for the Jap market.

btw, I think what’s coming soon is very interesting but may not be too wise to reveal too much in my posts presently. Let’s see if they can clear me 1st…


PS: been at HWZ over 5 years now, the place still sucks in many ways though. Ha!

The best thing you can do when attacked personally right after you wanted to add information on this forum is to enrich the very information you posted before rather than to corrupt what you yourself started. I couldn’t find something I could use as “information” for my knowledge from any of your recent posts unfortunately. A good instance of useful piece of information is like this: (Which you must have already read.)

BenQ has made clear that it wants to stay and grow especially in ODD and LCD markets. The rate of growth, recent market share, diminishing profitability, lack of stable supply of key components, and other such news have been available to the public on sites like which usually relays information coming from industry representatives in Taiwan. To me, what you said seems more like “speculation” rather than facts or rumors or news. And BenQ can’t easily leave the ODD market even if BenQ’s profitability for the latest quarter falls to like minus 10%.

One more thing is that manufacturers of the largest scale are continuing to mass-produce CD drives even now and that’s true of media manufacturers as well. That some of them, especially in the “first-tier” or “leading-edge” groups, are more focusing on next-generation technology products like Blu-ray drives, HD-DVD drives, or even “holographic” storage or 5TB perpendicular-recording HDD doesn’t mean they will soon stop producing Floppy Disk and Compact Disc products. LG, one of the leaders in HDTV and DVD/post-DVD, officially is going to keep producing CD drives for some time more. All of the big market research firms clearly say the recordable CD market as it has been for recent several years will stay for at least a few years more.

I agree…might be dropping by SLS later to pick up some media…for testing…

@MacClipper, I’m really anxient about this new drive. :iagree:

New drive Namoh…? :disagree:

Only upcoming new “toys” for an existing drive. :smiley:
But then, this kind of knowledge is hard to obtain in other forum sections…

As they say, it’s a new toy every day/firmware (choose one)!


PS: hi there, pinto2!

woo i’m soo looking forward to this Tools and the “NEW” drive :bigsmile:

DW1640 now costs about 20% lower than last week in South Korea. :bigsmile: (Now as cheap as DVR-109 and SOHW-1693S though still more expensive than TS-H552B and GSA-4163B.) It seems DW1640 will have replaced DW1620 in most markets by this month.