Maybe I've been asking the wrong questions



Ok…Here is what I want to do:

Make backups/copies of DVD’s and PS2 games.

To do this, what do I need.

I know I need a DVD-R…which will be the new Plextor.

Do I need a new CD/DVD reader such as the Liteon to read them? My current reader is about 3 years old.

Would I need a new harddrive…Mine is 20 gigs now. I think I’ll need a 120 gigs or so.

Basically, I have some old hardware, and I need new hardware. What new hardware do I need to buy to do what I want to do? Please let me know everything I will need so I can start burning asap. And include a price, if you can. I’m confused. Thanks.


Hi, hopefully I won’t be the only one to reply to this post :wink:

I would recommend about 10Gb free on your harddrive (yeah an upgrade to 120Gb seems wise).

To backup DVD’s and such the plextor seems to fit quite well.

An 700MHz or better computer is recommended with preferrably 256Mb or more memory.

If you want to be able to backup the latest PC games a Lite-On drive seems to be a good choice (yeah the plex won’t do SD 2.9 protected games for example). If it’s only PS/2 games…then the plextor should be enough.

Well, this is not everything…but at least it’s a start :slight_smile:


I have a pretty good cpu. I just havn’t updated the CD/DVD-rom drives since i first got it. 1.4 amd processor, 512 ram, nice vid./aud. card, good speakers and the what not. I just need to know what to get in order to be able to copy DVD’s/Ps2/PC movies/games. I’m guessing the Liteon is a CD-Rom drive? I guess I need a new one of those?


If you want to be able to backup the latest Safedisc 2.9 protected games you need something else than the plextor to write. (a lite-on cd-writer for example).