Maybe it's time for a new tutorial of the art of ripping DivX



Hi there,

With all these new codecs comming out, old programs being updated, new firmwares, ect.,ect. maybe someone could give me a link with a recent update page about how to rip DVD to DiVX, or someone can write a new one self…

My problem has always been, that I can’t remove the black bars for my movie… I believe this is easy to do so…

Help me out will ya…


JunkX AKA [-JX-]


with VirtualDub you can remove the black bars by selecting any video filter and then clicking on the “crop” (or “cropping”) button


even easier, just do it in flask, i can show you on netscape or describe how if you’d like to contact me on AIM at Louse76…


Originally posted by JunKX
… or someone can write a new one self …

I’ll be happy to add it to our articles database & newssIte


(and if the article is REALLY good/big/informative (screenshots etc), I’m willing to give a CD Freaks t-shirt for it)


The, without a doubt ;), best site for DivX info is Doom9.