Maybe its a stupid question.. but here goes

I am getting slightly pissed off of the inconsistent results I am getting with my o/c 48125W. Just tried copying a beng 24x cdr this morning using 16x. Result : Disc unreadable :frowning:

Next, I copied a ps2 game using nero 5582 + DAO using an Imation 32x (much better quality) cdr at 12x. 1st copy, around 4+% damaged sectors appearing at the end, using data transfer test : speed drops to 22x at the 69 min mark. 2nd copy with same media, 100% ok.

Now, is there a writer at this point of time out there which does P-CAV/CAV 40x or higher that can produce [i]perfect[/i]backups?

I am assuming that the much hyped CRW-F1 is going to be another breakthru where quality burns are concerned?

You are using 16x with TDK’s 40x certified media?

Only problems I see:

  1. You are using an OC’d drive and expect it to be error free. Regardless what people say… I’ll bet there are some subtle differences between a 48125W and 40125W. You shouldn’t be surprised there are errors. It could be a more precise motor… a different IC here and there… who knows. Send an email to LiteOn and ask them.

  2. Probably media related as well. I always get crap burns when I use Imation.

I just got some Taiyo Yuden 40X for my 48125W and burned 5 MP3 discs with 0 errors (using 5582 and NTI CD-Maker). These same files/playlists I tried on Memeorx and TDK 40X media before I received my TY discs… had errors on all of them ranging from .11-over 8%.

That tells me it’s a media related problem. Whether its poorly manufactured discs or just a drive that will only write to a perfect disc… hasn’t been proven yet.

I just think, despite what most folks say, that LiteOn drives over 32X are just very picky about media.

I’m returning my 48125W and am going to buy a CRW-F1 when it comes out. If that doesn’t work out too well and I end up with beta hardware like the 48125… then switching over to a TEAC 540.

Dear Gentlemen,
I made allot of tests with my OC LTR40 to 48x, I m very pleased. Its only a media issure as I found out. I bought this high speed burner to write at full speed not half. I bought 700MB PLATNIUM 40x and the quite cheap too, for 100pc I paid arround 35euro or 30usd. Other slower media a difficult to burn, but If you buy a fast car don`t use cheap gasoline :slight_smile:

I have Lite-On 32123S and I thing it definitely have a problem writing on blue 74min TDK 16x slimcase.
3 from 10 CDs gets unreadable after ‘successful burn’ at 16x.
Well, on 8x with the same discs I haven’t a problem till now.
I prefer you to use the black samsung CDs as alternative.

Best regards


I’ve a ltr32125W OC @ltr42125W and i’m also using Imation multispeed up to 32x. I’ve burned these disk at 40x with Smartburn on and zero errors with scandisk. Burned 10 disk so far.

So i’m very content with my Imation spindle. The problem disk for me are the Nashua and Platinum disk.

Nashua is CMC magnetics, not sure about platinum.

tazdevl…the issue with errors are even seen with your true 48125W,so I agree this a media issue…we are trying to use various 40x media and overburn it at 48x speeds…I think this is where the fault lies…

if your TY 40x are burning error free why return the drive makes no sense to me…

also can you post what smartburn reports on 40x TY media…please



Mmm… was too fast with my conclusion. I just overburned 2 disk (720 mb) @40x Imation. The movie was unviewable on both disk. Nero couldn’t verify and Scandisk showed 4.18% damaged, 14.20% unreadable and 81.63% good.

Overburned them again @32x and all is wel. Nero verification and scandisk @100% zero errors.

Other than seeing yellow and red blocks on a freshly burned cd, I prefer to do a data transfer test to determine the readability of the discs.

It simply sucks, when you see a smooth climbing graph suddenly dive way down while testing. When that happens, it means that my cdrom will have problems accessing the data at that point.

From my experience, liteon is really picky about media. I ever tried burning 2 cds with the same iso image. One of them had just 1-2 damaged sectors while the next copy generated hella va lot of them. It seems to me like liteon does not apply any OPC before a burn, their smartburn feature is pretty useless IMO.

Anyway, I switched over to a Teac since I’m the type who is really paranoid and more of a perfectionist. I don’t mind sacrificing a bit of speed for better quality burns. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, Aopen’s Justspeed does a better job than Smartburn.:stuck_out_tongue:

While I agree with others that its not feasible to use lousy media on a high speed writer. I do at least expect marginally perfect writes using a speed which suits the media. Alas, from my experience, liteon failed for me.:frowning:

I do not fancy the thought of having to buy high grade media to accomodate my burner, it should be the other way round, thus the Teac stands out in this point.:bigsmile:

My converted 48125W works fine at 40x with Philips 40x rated cdrs(CMC)…no errors even with 700 mg in most all cases with VS06

I burned a 700mg audio file had 2 damaged sectors…played fine in my car cd changer no skips etc…I burned with WinONCD 5 with DAO…I am not sure these damged sectors are real…the liteon DVD reports them but the Liteon cdrw does not…

so I question the results…also I am not sure they matter even if they are real…I have installed apps from this disc with no read slowdowns on 2 different reader…LTD 163 dvd rom and toshiba 6702 b cdrom(which picks up even more problems)…installs go fine

I have to wonder if the readers need fw upgrades to improve the compatability with the newer medias