Maybe if James Would Post Again

I wonder if James posted about some more of slysoft products, would that get fengtao to reappear. That was only time he posted here after the forum crash. Just a thought.


Hahahaha…good one Mack… :clap:

It worked before.

Dear all,

I’m still alive :slight_smile: Since some home business, I’m away for several days, and I’ll restore dvdidle form asap.

Wish you all a best Christmas! Is it too early? :wink:

Best Regards,

Thanks for the “Merry Christmas”…it’s never too early to wish that (FYI, official date is December 25). We look foward to the “restoration”.


Would you please in the future when you will be away awhile leave us a message. I think everyone understands that personal things come up. We all would have been more comfortable if we knew you were still around. Most of us like using your products and they are good.


Fengtao, ditto on Tom and Mack’s thanks for response - and another double ditto on Mack’s request for updates when things appear “abnormal” with site. Your post seems a little more fluent than Admin’s posts in past on your forum, so will assume a different player with Fengtao…thanks

And to the boys, and no disrepect to Fengtao (one needs all the tools they can for backup play), wish Slysoft would extend the cdfreaks discount program, looks like expired mid November according to their post…