Maybe i shouldnt have that

Hey guys

Am i correct in saying that a ND-3550A crossflashed to a 4551A can never receive updated firmware? i read on liggy and dee’s firmware page that only original 4551A’s can be flashed with modified FW…did i just f–ck up crossflashing my drive?

Don’t beleive you are exactly correct… it depends if you used the 29bootcode or not… when crossflased… if you did use it then there should be no problem updating your @4551… At least there wasn’t in my case when i had that drive (@4551)

ey dude do you know how i can check which flash version mine is, like if its 29 or not? I got my files from a certain polish website in a rar package. Hope that helps, please PM me if we cant talk here

id be willing to make it worth your while

I think it all depends on the age of the drive, I have a new’ish 3550 and even though I have all the bits to xflash it I don’t think I will, as in another thread (cant remember which, but I would think the big thread about this xflashing thing) there was a date that the boot code had changed (or looked like), and TBH think about it from NEC’s point of view… they don’t really want this to be going on and I think they can find a way to stop it, and even might be nasty (depends on the point of view) enuff to code in some way of dropping the flash and killing your drive ?

uh dude honestly i dont give a shit about NEC’s perspective. I felt just as comfortable buying a DFI lanparty NF4 and modding it to SLI and SATAII. Its in the interest of the customer to “mod” the hardware, regardless of wat NEC thinks about it. After all, they have stupid ass messages on their website stating that “illegal firmware” flashing will kill your drive. I biught my drive 3 days ago, OEM, from newegg, so im not sure about the date of manufacturing or anything like that. But from my experience, F**ck the companies, most of them dont even care about their customers.

you should check on “the firmware page” about 29 on the @4551 thread

I am sure they feel the same about you, I am just saying flash your drive, but dont be one of the whinners that come back crying that the drive is fu$ked.

It took me 20 minutes from reading about the xflash to finding everything to do it and what can happen if you do (and how the get it back), I was just trying to tell you.

Your are the one going on about ‘I’ll make it worth your while’ but cant stump up the 5 quid extra for the real drive in the first place.

hey tard, i dont live in Canada OR Europe, so i pay US dollar and cant buy a 4551A, and damn proud of it. Second of all, my drive is perfectly mine, works great, and is now higher in value. Third of all, i was instructed in how to xflash the drive, i looked at pictures of it done too.

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