Maybe I am an idiot question on Nero Express

On Nero Express I have always been able to go to right and click on folder to search folders I wanted to copy files from now the folder is gray if I click ADD I get a much smaller box to pick folders from that I never had before nor have I fiqured out mainly since the other way was easier. I iuninstalled and reinstalled and still the same. Help?

You better clarify what version of Nero Express you are using from what version of Nero 6 or 7?.

Nero 7 worked fine for ages till now,

Hi, I’m not exactly sure where to post just a general question, but I’ve been having a bit of trouble playing any video that’s off the internet (IE; Youtube videos, streams from friends, or live streams). If anyone would be able to direct me to a forum where I can ask in detail, it’d be greatly appreciated!
Cheers, :bow: :bow:

Welcome to CDFreaks Allestra; for your dificulty of playing different format of Video files you may want to read the following guide: