Maybe another dead BenQ :(

went to burn a disc today and 1st it took like 30 seconds to see that the disc was inside and then the disc started to burn then stopped and gave me write error :sad:

now the drive won’t even read dvds or cds :Z

when i enter a blank disc it won’t even read it now.
i have tried 3 kinds of discs, verbatim, fujifilm, tdk

it will flicker the green light several times and then stop :confused:

i have burned atleast 200 dvds with this drive and have had great results :bow:
so it’s not like i have been having problems with it.

anyway think it’s dead :confused:

Maybe it’s dead

hhhhmmmmm maybe

any ideas before i call and have it returned?

it’s only 2 months old.

well i went ahead and sent it back to newegg :confused:

hopefully i’ll have better luck next time.

Same way mine acted when it went dead.

how long did you have yourse?

is your replacement doing ok?

Unfortunately this seems to happen a lot to new BenQs. It looks like this is part of the risk you take to own a BenQ. I factored the 10% chance I would have to pay shipping into the cost of the drive.

yeah it’s also a chance i will take again.

as i said i burned atleast 200 dvds all great scans :slight_smile:

maybe i’ll break the next one in slower.

My 1st one lasted 6 mths. I just got my 2nd one and haven’t burned 1 disc yet. New one was made in Malaysia Oct 2004. My 1st one was made in China Oct 2004. Will put it to the test soon :wink:

the one i am sending back is also a Malaysia Oct 2004

Well looks like it doesn’t matter where they are made. I still ordered me another. I got good use out of mine. Good luck on your replacement.

thanks, i’m gonna need it :slight_smile: