Maybe a stupid question

Ive never had a problem like this before and have burned zillions of CDs

I burned a couple cds at my sisters house cuz I had files on her computer and the CDs work fine on her puter (I used nero). I then brought them home and its like the CDs are blank. But they work fine on my sisters.


Did you tell nero to finalize? if not maybe the reason why the worked on her computer is because she has packet writing software such as directcd. incd, mount rainer?

well…i burned an image. so i think it just finalizes it when its done.?

no under the burn tab you have to check finalize cd otherwise it won’t.

To finalize afterwards, make a new cd-rom compilation, tell it to continue multisession, finalize cd, and burn.

You don’t have to add any more files.

Hope that fixes the problem for you.