Maybe a stupid question

I have Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.3.1 SP4 installed and I’m wondering if I install any other burning programs like Fireburner or CDRWin will they work OK or will there be conflicts and other problems?

I need to be able to use DirectCD but would also like to be able to use Fireburner or CDRWin to burn my PC and PS2 backups.

If neither of these programs will coexsist with EZCD please let me know if you know of any any others that will burn PC and PS2 backups and will not cause the conflict.


BTW, I’m using Windows XP Pro if it makes any difference.

well i had those installed befor i got nero and had no problem. On some of my older computers nero spazzes out for some reason. But the worked just fine for me when i had that setup.

I have that exact version of EasyCD installed with DirectCD, and CDRWin, and Nero, and FireBurner, and CloneCD, and tons of others, and there are no conflicts.

I also use Win XP Pro.:stuck_out_tongue:

Generally, there should be no problem installing multiple CD-Burning software on the same PC without comflicts. This use to be an issue with early versions of Nero & Easy CD, but I haven’t heard or experienced any problems with current versions.

The one thing that will cause conflict is trying to install multiple packet writing software, e.g. installing In-CD and Direct CD on the same PC will cause problems. This is because packet writing software must be continuously running in the background (as a driver) ready to perform operations on a packet written CD. :wink:

Thanks for all the responses. One last question…does it matter what order I install the different programs? Should I install Fireburner and CDRWin after EZCD and DirectCD are already on the system or does it not really matter?

Thanks again.

i doubt it would matter. So just whatever order you feel like.