Maybe a stupid question

I have the older version of CloneDVD and want to get the new one plus AnyDVD. Is there any difference between the ones from ELBY site and the ones from Slysoft. I haven’t tried AnyDVD yet I am using DVDidle-Pro is AnyDVD better?

Told you it was probably a stupid question

no difference between the versions but ELBY only sells CloneDVD2 and not AnyDVD so you limit yourself to SlySoft right there.

btw, there’s a free alternative to AnyDVD that works just about as well -

Thanks I will give it a try,
I have been using the older clonedvd as well as x-copy and am now running into some movies I can’t back up.

you can do a search here for the particular titles you’re having issues with and perhaps glean some new information on how to circumvent any newer forms of copy protection. good thing about AnyDVD is it’s continuous updating and good customer service.

Isn’t this the customer service site basically all answers are found here.

Randy, this is the CD Freaks forum, not the customer service site. The customer service reps do monitor it and give a lot of good information.

yeah, but that’s what CDFreaks is for. they’re good with updating the software and assisting people with lost registrations, etc. actually, that’s all just from what i’ve read as i don’t use any of their products.

Just making the comment jokingly about customer service site.

Most of the answers to the problems end up here anyway,
That was all I was getting at.

Randy golf2003

No such thing as a stupid question , one only remains stupid for not asking.

You can get a package deal at the site if you buy both CloneDVD and AnyDVD at once. You can’t go wrong with that combination, their support for new protection is second to none.

This is kool and I don’t know anything 'bout DVD43, but as inexpensive as SlySoft products are, and the great service they provide like ongoing updates, I’d be hesitant to recommend anything else!

Seems to me that coders ought to get paid…. (No offense & no attack) :wink: :wink:


IMHO, yes.