Maybe a problem reading a DVD?

Hi all,

I recently bought a DVD for 1$! I know this is very cheap for a DVd and that the quality of the DVD will not be as high as a more expensive DVD. When I play this DVD with my Plextor PX712 all goes well, except when he plays Chapter 6 from the main movie. I get little shocks every 2 seconds. I tried ripping the DVd (cause I want to back it up to a single layer DVD-r 4.38gb) and I got one time redundant cycling error or something like that.
Is this the DVD that is causing the problems or is it my px712? I don’t have a more expensive DVD to test.

Btw I heard plextor is releasing it’s DL-burner…
Pffff I shoud have waited :frowning:

Anyway what are your thoughts on this???


I tried copying the whole content of the DVD to my HDD.
I can see my plextor px712 almost hanging when reading this DVD. It will complete in an estimated time of 42 minutes. It is going from worse to bad …
I read this DVD in an very old DVD-Rom reader and read it without any problems. It seems like it does not ready at all! And it went so good in the beginning …


Ok now this is interesting:

I already mentioned that I played this drive with an old DVD-Rom reader (don’t know the mark or readspeed).
This DVD-Rom player read this DVD without problems.
I am asuming that this drive reads at a low speed.
Like I also mentioned my px712 doesn’t want to read that DVD. So I decided to do a SUM8 test. The result is everything but amazing:

Plextors Plextools SUM8 test!!!

The log file

Here you can take a look at the DVD-media specs!

I can’t believe my eyes!!! I can understand that a bad DVD-media leads to bad reading but an older DVD-rom reads this disc perfectly and like you can see there are POF errors on it!!! How is this possible? (I read the DVD on this older DVD-rom for the first time!). My px712 was the second drive and thus the second time this DVD played!

Is it possible that my px712 can damage a DVD when reading???

If it is not i guess this DVD is crap :frowning: I will try to back it up a soon as possible! (FAT32 SUCKS!! Can’t handle a file over 4 GB! Stupid restriction!).

P.S. My systemspecs can be found CLICK HERE FOR SYSTEMSPECS!

Have 4 in 1 v 4.53 installed! Plextor PX712 running in IDMA 2 mode! OS: Windows XP 5.1 (2600 xpsp2)

Is the DVD a pressed DVD or a recordable DVD?

It looks like the drive is having problems reading the second layer. The 712A used to do this when reading dual layer recordable DVDs with earlier firmware.

Are you using firmware version 1.05?

Yes my px712 is updated to firmware 1.05!
I guess this is a pressed DVD. It holds 6.38 GB on it.
Does the px712 really has so much trouble reading the second layer?

I have no trouble reading dual layer pressed DVDs. I’ve never tried a dual layer recordable DVD in it though. But I know v1.03 specifically added support for reading DVD+R DL discs.

I’d try something other than your $1 DVD.

The pitty thing is that a old dvd-rom player (internal in a pc not stand alone) can read this dvd without any problems wathsoever! Isn’t this strange?

From your first post, I’m not surprise if your drive fell into PIO mode after reading a bad media, click here for my story. Please check first, then how about you try to burn the supplied Plextor TY @12 and see how it goes.

Same here but I’m not to worry about it.

UDMA is enabled and working. Sleftest runned and drive is working ok.
Px712 is scondary master and all alone on this IDE-controller. Like you can see on the SUM8-test the DVD appears to be damaged. But I don’t get one thing straight here.
This DVD has 2 layers (no doubt about that) and some information will be on the second layer BUT it is always on the same chapter that my plextor has problems to read. Chapter 6 gives a problem but chapter 7 and later doesn’t give any problem. If my plex has troubles reading the second layer why on earth reads he all chapters good except chapter 6? I don’t get this.Would it be worth exchanging my plex for another because of this? Btw I saw people using the px712 to backup their dual-layerd DVD’s. And they don’t seem to have problems. I can test this DVD tommorow again 2 different DVd-rom readers. One is an Aopen 16x dvd-rom and the other is unknow but I will take a look at it.

I’m really bit disappointed by this. I thought the plex 712 was good for backup up your dvd’s but if he even can’t read a DL-media properly what’s the point of even buying this drive??? I don’t want speed, I don’t want the best drive out there but I want a drive that writes perfect on good media and reads perfectly all types of DVD’s.

Is there a solution for this reading problem???

I would certainly try other DL DVDs before you go exchanging your drive. I think you just happened to start with a lousy DVD to test with. If it won’t read any DL DVDs, then you likely have a problem.

What you say is right BUT if a DVD-rom with an age of possible 6 years CAN READ this DVD WITHOUT ANY ERRORS and my plextor can’t is just NOT ACCEPTABLE!!
I even used a cheap DVD+RW and it writes without problems. So my plex can write and read on cheap media.
He should read this DVD without any errors! Even if this DVD is crappy is should read bad on many drives.
This is just what pisses me off. Buying a brand new drive but reads bad and an dvd-rom from 6 years reads perfect!
This is just not possible! It should have been the other way around. For instance, what if my plex reads other DVD’s with the same problem? It is just that it should work, bad media or not!

Speaking of testing I ran this selftest by putting the jumpers to SLAVE and CSLECT. Well he ran the test but completed after 30 MIN!!! (maybe even more, I didn’t time it) Everything went fine but on their website they said 9 min. (could be 10 min but NOT 30 min.).
I think that’s odd!

Speaking of odd, check this out. normally my plex is on the same IDE-controller as my Samsung CD-rom 52speed drive. I unplugged the Samsung CD-Rom for the selftest.
It is still unplugged and did the PI-test again.
I have lower PI-errors BUT I have more POF-errors.
You can say what you want but with this drive is something strange going on.

I will tell you more tommorow cause I have the chance of reading this DVd in other drives! (Will try my MAC G5 on my work to see if he can read this DVD without problems).

Thankx for replying and helping me.
I will keep you posted about this strange drive!


I put the famous :rolleyes: DVD in my DVD-rom of my Mac G5.
This Mac is running the latest version of Mac OS X (think it is v. 10.3.5).
This DVD doesn’t give problems at all. The playback is very smooth.
Even with the problem chapter all goes well.

Conclusion: there is not one reading problem here with this G5.
And I expect that other DVD-rom drives will be ok as well!

Darn Plextor, then you think you buy something good.
Everything is ok except for this reading problem.
Since the selftest took quite some time I think there is something wrong with this drive. I even mailed Plextors EU Tech Support but when writing this post there was not a reaction yet.

Will post more information when I have it!

If the disc is crap how can you blame the drive for not reading it? I can’t understand this. Sure, you wouldn’t expect an old DVD-ROM to read the disc but it did. What does this tell us? Well, absolutely nothing. Perhaps another disc can be read by your Plextor and your DVD-ROM fails. You cannot base anything on only one disc.

When looking at the PI/PO scan it’s pretty obvious that the disc is in horrible shape. If your Plextor works fine with other media then it’s a media problem in this case. Of course, if you’re having more problems then it might be related to the drive itself. For instance, are you sure that DMA is enabled and working correctly? Can you burn discs without problems?

My PX-712A has no problems whatsoever with reading DL DVD media. The firmware update added support for reading DVD+R DL media which is not the same as regular pressed DVD-ROM DL media of course, as someone already mentioned here.

Let us know what you find out AMDtje! Good luck with the drive!

I’m beginning to smell an AMD-conspiracy against us !

Originally Posted by AMDtje
The pitty thing is that a old dvd-rom player (internal in a pc not stand alone) can read this dvd without any problems wathsoever! Isn’t this strange?

Same here but I’m not to worry about it. — zevia
Don’t You both have middlesize AMD’s on Your systems ?

If Intel can f*ck up Nokias mutimedia converter program then perhaps AMD has made life hard for burners , whether lite-ons or plextors … :eek:

From other posts in at least Plextor forum it looks like a tendency , except for AMD64bits , that those who have troubles with Plextors also have medium AMD’s !

NB : I wouldn’t dare questioning AMDs chips if I hadn’t tried them myselves , I remember they could freeze up my Windows 2000 system (even while they were burning hot :a :bigsmile: ) and some of my CD’s made by Lite-Ons 40125W were coasters or noisy …

I think you are grasping at straws…
I have an AMD 1800 in my system and my drives work fine.

Thankx for so many reactions! :bow:

Well let me tell you a quick story on how my plextor px712 performs.

When I bought this drive (like a month ago) I just put it in my system and was ready to go. My first 2 burns were ok but the third went wrong.
I got a constantly buffer drop from my p712 ranging from 0 to 100% while burning.
As I was the cause, I succeeded in finding the problem (all thankx to this forum). I put the jumper on DMA on the back of the drive, which was VERY WRONG to do so.

Then I also discovered I had to use UDMA 2 for my plextor px712.
With UDMA 2 my plextor performed better. That’s logic!

The next problem I had was when I burned a DVD-R TDK 4x @ 8 speed.
I had back the problem with my buffer of my plextor px712.
I didn’t test any more but I guess I still have this problem.
He burns @ 8 speed but the results are not great.
PI of 80 while on 4x I only had max PI of 20. But I don’t mind speed!
I only want a good write quality.

Then I also discovered that when I burn a CD-R @ max speed (52x I guess),
I also have the problem concerning this buffer. My HDD can keep up with burning cause the used read buffer is always 98%.

Besides all that I never had any reading problem. When I read my burned DVD-R I have no problems with corrupt data.

Then I bought some VERY CHEAP DVD+RW from the mark Eron.
I burned one of these DVD+RW and did a PI-test. I was choqued (in a good way!). My max PI was about 20!! :bow: :bow: Sometimes the quality was better then on a DVD-R from TDK. But it’s dangerous to compare + and -. Those Eron DVD+RW’s cost about 1,7 EUR per piece. Well the DVD+RW from TDK cost over 3,5 EUR per piece. I guess you can get the picture.
I was thrilled to find out that my plextor could produce very good results on a low cheap media. I wrote those DVD+RW @ 4x, which is the max. speed.

So I read more and more CD’s I burned with my previous plextor PX8220 SCSI. All went well, until this reading problem.

That’s is in short my experience with my plextor. Remember that everything is ok. I have installed Windows XP SP2 completly updated.
UDMA 2 mode is enbaled for my px712. Why did the selftest took more then 30 min. to complete?? Should I get a new one?

I want to give a reaction on something gamefreak posted:

You say this DVD is crap. But why on earth can read an very old DVD-rom a crap DVD (with POF errors) perfectly? Also my DVD-rom in my G5 is reading perfectly. You tell me that the plextor px712 can’t read pressed DVD-roms?? So all DVD’s I buy (which are dual layered) won’t read???
Then please tell me why on earth ppl would buy this drive? You can’t even backup your own DVD’s! I don’t say NEC or any other mark is better but I can’t stop thinking of selling this drive and buy another! Anyway I will rent a DVD and will do a PI-test on it. If this is also bad (with POF errors) is my px712 damaged and defective??? If it is only this DVD that reads bad in my px712 I will buy that older DVD-rom to read from.

I’ll keep you guys up to date as soon as I have more info!

I have an Athlon XP 2200+ but I don’t see why that would give problems.


I posted my comments based on the PI/PO scan you posted. This clearly shows us that the disc is in very bad shape. I never said that the PX-712A cannot read DL discs, in fact, I said the opposite: the drive can read them just fine. When you use a disc that is in good shape you should reach read speeds of up to 12x using DL discs or even 16x on SL discs.

He burns @ 8 speed but the results are not great.
PI of 80 while on 4x I only had max PI of 20. But I don’t mind speed!
Sounds pretty normal to me. When burning 4x media at higher speeds the amount of errors is bound to increase. Only logical methinks…

also have the problem concerning this buffer. My HDD can keep up with burning cause the used read buffer is always 98%.
Also completely normal. You should start worrying if your buffer is completely drained. 98% is excellent.

Anyway I will rent a DVD and will do a PI-test on it. If this is also bad (with POF errors) is my px712 damaged and defective???
Of course not. If you really want to know if your Plextor can read DVD media then use an unscratched disc! Not some rented DVD as they are often scratched or smudged. Of course, some little scratches shouldn’t be a problem but there is limit to what the drive can correct. As I said before, you cannot base your conclusion “my old DVD-ROM is a better reader than my PX-712A” only on one disc.

Hope you know what I mean. Good luck with your drive again and let us know how things go!

Just something to be clear on this DVD:

I bought this CD 2 days ago. New in the box. On this DVD you CAN’T find any scratch, fingerprint or any dirt. The DVD is in perfect shape.
I know that the quality will be lower of the DVD cause it was very cheap.
My point is why won’t my plex read it while others do???
Like I said before: If the DVD is bad and contains lots of errors it would NOT read in other DVD-Roms as well! If a part would be unreadable this would not be read in any DVD-Rom! But based on the 2 drives I tested it with, I can conclude that this DVD is NOT damaged cause then it would be unreadable in these 2 drives. I have 2 more of the same type DVD (bought 3 DVD’s for 3$ :iagree: )
Ofcours I know the drive can’t correct the errors always but this is a brand new DVD! I am just confused cause I have tested this DVD in 2 other DVD-Roms and they both read them excellent. I hope you understand me because my english isn’t the best :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw is there any program which I can use on my Mac G5 to test the DVD using this DVD-Rom drive??? Same for that very old DVD-Rom reader? Can I use that in combination with Plextools Pro???

Late this evening @ midnight I hope I can post some new results from the other 2 DVD’s which NEVER have been read before.

See ya this evening!

Try to burn (or play directly from your HD) your $1 dvd that you rip with your old dvd-rom and see if Ch.6 is OK. Compare the exact minutes and seconds, playing it in your dvd player (or HD) and 712. You said that your 712 got hickups in Ch.6 of the movie… I’m curious how it goes.

I bet the ripped one doesnot hickups but there will be pixelated or bad video in Ch.6. If yes, it means your 712 is just fine. What software do you use for ripping. If you use dvddecrypter, you can set hardware read error retries to 1 or 2. By default it’s un-set so I think your 712 just kept trying to read it forever.

I just read again your other post that show the media spec. Yeah… I know this kind of cheap dvd… and they use Spruce Tech to reauthor it… I used to use it years ago… well I’m not surprise at all if 712 complains. :slight_smile: