Maybe a dumb question?

I have a 8x dvd+r burner (BTC), and I have not been able to find any discs 4x discs that burn at 8x like so many other people do.

What software are you using to burn 4x discs at higher speeds? I have tried media that is rated 4x and is supposed to burn at 8x with Nero and Pinnacle software with no luck.

Can someone point me in the right direction please? :smiley:

I am not certain about the btc drive in question, but most people have to hack their firmware in order to overclock the rated speed. On my LDW-811s, the firmware was already set to 8x for the 4x RICOHJPNR01 media. But I wanted to burn the 2.4x RICOHJPNR00 media at 4x. I had to read the firmware and then use an editor to make the firmware burn at that speed. Then I wrote the new firmware back to the drive.

Look in the BTC forum and see if they explain how to do it in there.

Hope that helps.