Maybe 3rd time is a charm HELP PLEASE

ok so i own a dell laptop 6000 cant think of name they call there laptops. but anyway i have a Sony DVD+RW DW-D56A drive in it and im using TDK dvd-r disks. i use a program called “DVD For Free” which runs int he background and automaticlly unlocks the dvd when one is put into the drive. i have the latest ver. of clone dvd which is ver. i am able to read the dvds fine the error occurs when it begins to write my backup dvd. it copies the dvd then tells me to insert new media for writing onto. i do that an a minute or 2 goes by and then i get an error that says “bad media error”. is it because the TDK disks im using arent compatible witht he Sony drive or what? I have no idea whats wrong. The error like i said only occurs during the writing process. This is my first time trying to backup DVDs so Im a noob if you will to this. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you.

Check out Do search of DVD writer and if listed, there is possibilty of listed compatable dvd discs that burn well with your burner. Also can try burning at lower speed. mukguk