Maybe 3D-technology added to DVD format

I just posted the article Maybe 3D-technology added to DVD format.

The DVD Forum announced that they have plans to study a possible incorporation of 3D movie technology into the DVD format specifications. Currently the industry wants information about 3D…

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What’s the big deal? I have a couple 3D DVDs and they give me a friggin’ headache. Not worth your time. Moving right along…

Is there anything that you DO like? I see your comments so often on this site, but you’re always anti! I would love to try this 3D thing!

This will be great if done but it will only strengthen DVD instead of BD or other from what I see and the studios want to push BD? Really makes no sense I think but like the ideal.

DVD is capable of low-res at 30fps (60i). 3D’s gonna be great on that!

People with bigger tv’s are going with high def, and 3D doesn’t look to good on smaller tube tv’s… I’m not sure its a worthwhile idea.

Incorporate 3D movie technology to the application level of DVD? Strange move at best. If they want to change the DVD specifications so deeply, why not implement some form of HD instead?

@ NukeDukem No, I don’t always post anti remarks. I posted alot of pro remarks regarding HD DVD and your mother. I just don’t like Sony or Blu-ray. I posted an anti remark about 3D DVD because I have some and they give me a headache. That’s a fact, not an anti remark. :slight_smile:

I always appreciate DukeNukem’s remarks, especially the “your mother” ones… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Hypnosis4U2NV. Always nice to hear from the fans. :+

DukeNukem and NukeDukem … Is this anything like the movie “FaceOff”? As Larry the Cable Guy would say, “I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there!” Just never knew they were 2 different guys, LOL :B
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