May this be what I ran into, alpha-dvd/sony?

hi all.

a while back, around x-mas time i brought up an issue of mine in which i targeted sony as a malware maker who messes up burners.

i wondered alot about this issue and never gave up on it. i found a post on cdfreaks main news page that mentioned some issues in germany envolving dvd burners. may this be what i found, but here in region 1?

this is the story heading on the news page:

DHS warns that continued rootkit usage may lead to regulation
Posted by Seán Byrne on 20 February 2006 - 00:29 - Source: Computer World - Security

in the the article you can find this link:

Settec protection on German video DVD impairs CD/DVD writers
Posted by Dan Bell on 10 February 2006 - 20:53 - Source: Heise

the heading for my original post was: sony malware/virus that attackes sony burners. google it to read it.

has something to do with alpha-dvd.

any knowledge, feedback appreciated. whisperer 1 are you out there?

As before, we remind you that there is currently no known virus/trojan/malware/rootkit of any kind that damages burners.

Could a rootkit or malware impair YOUR access to the burner, necessitating removal of the malware? Sure.


No. Please lay off with this, it doesn’t happen.

if i recall correctly, your previous problem was identified, and a number of solutions were suggested.

I hate to break it to you, but you don’t have some kind of rootkit or malware damaging your drive.

have you taken the advice in your previous thread?


i have solved my problem using previous suggestions. not looking to argue, just pointing out an article that supports my beliefs in part. the article mentioned that dvd-rw media was ruined in tests. i myself had many damaged discs that would not erase and were coming up as erase errors using nero.

i encountered something, it is real, and i don’t care if you believe me or not. read the article and it talks about burner problems. all i want to do is inform others.

thank you.


i am no longer pointing a finger at sony. the hardware (burners), being ok, are gone.
using plextor now. even using verbatim dvd+r new top notch 16X azo. so, cut me some slack and at least realize that i stumbled onto something, even though it may have been misconstrude in the effects. people are having problems and alpha-dvd
may be the source.

thank you