May Not Wait

As a newbie here, I was wondering if I could get your advice. I bought a TLA 0000 716A from Best Buy in Oct., returned it last week. Unlike many of you, all I plan to get is one DVD burner. After spending a couple of weeks dealing with my 716A problems, the posts here make we worry that if I get another 716A, I may still have problems. Alternatively, I can get another drive now. I see that Newegg has the NEC OEM for $68, which is fine for me since I already have Nero (and also need a black drive). While I realize there is a separate NEC forum, I figure you may give me a more objective response! What would you suggest - wait and see what Plextor does, or go with NEC? Thanks!

nelle > I would go to NEC forum and look at the threads there. There are many many firmwares to try. More posts on which firmware would work for me in all of the forums here. So alot of reading to do there to see if you plan to keep original firmware or to flash to bonafied NEC upgraded firmware or to try the many many hacked firmwares…It’ will make you head spin when you 1st start reading. If you know about flashing then you will have no problem. I have a NEC-2510 flashed to a NEC-2500 with 1.07v.b5dl RPC-1 Riplock removed and it runs good. But thinking of trying Quikee’s new firmware 2.F8 beta 1 RPC-1 Riplock removed which changes it back to a NEC-2510 again. So if you got all that then you are good to go…

Get the NEC or the BenQ.
Plextor has exhibited problems, not in design but in execution of those designs since the 708, continuing with the 712 and now the 716 and it doesn’t appear they have it corrected to this date. It seems to be a real gamble buying Plextor DVD writers.
I mean just look at the threads. What are people talking about? Their excellent burns and how their Plextors are just blowing away the competition? No, it’s full of “Do you think they will get this fixed in the next TLA”? What does that say to you?
Just breeze through the other forums and the problems people have are “generally” system or software related with a few bum drives scattered in.

Pull another one off the shelf if you want to, you may get lucky but you may find yourself with the same unanswered questions again.

Just my opinion on the subject.

What about the latest NEC firmware? I have a spindle of Fuji 8x DVD+Rs, so ideally I’d want to burn as close to 16x as possible. If the NEC firmware is decent, I would probably stick with it for a while and not rock the boat.

One question about the hacked firmware - can you flash back to the original firmware if need be?

Provided the batch of Fuji’s you have are ok then they will burn fine at 16x on the 3500.
Yes you can flash back and forth on the NEC but I don’t think you can with the official NEC firmwares. Just get Liggy’s binflash and you’ll be fine.

Thanks - I will go with the NEC - maybe I’ll be back here some day with a second burner! (In the meantime, I bought one of the Plextor video converter products, so I have at least one Plextor product!) Thanks again.

I’m not knocking NEC forum or the brand at all. It was a hard decision for me to make to go with the BenQ 1620 instead of the NEC-3500. I learned alot in the NEC forum. You can stick with stock firmware and no problem. I was just wanting you to go and look at some of the posts. pchilson knows what i’m talking about. There’s plenty of help there if you need it if you decide to go with the NEC-3500.

The NEC will treat you fine. Good Luck.

I understand if you are worried. Get BenQ1620 instead. You can get the black one @newegg OEM and do few steps fw flash to a retail B7P9 (rolling56 know how to do this, mine is retail tho). Look at pchilson sig, he threw his 3500 and keep 1620. :smiley:

I can speak firsthand on the NEC ND-3500A. There are three firmwares that are really good with this drive:

NEC 2.18 Most update writing strategies. Will Do bitsetting for DL disks only and your ripping speed of CSS encoded disks is 2X Can be found at:

2C8_SE firmware. Originally the European TDK release hacked for the NEC. Slightly more advanced write strategies than the original NEC 2.16 firmware. Does DVD+R bitsetting, DL bitsetting. Riplock removed so you can rip encoded DVD’s up to 7X and removes DVD region Found at in the NEC firmware forum

2/18liggy_SE. Again…the NEC 2.18 firmware hacked to do bitsetting for DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD DL. Again, riplock removed and DVD Region. Has the most advanced writing strategies as does the NEC stock 2.18. Found at: in the NEC firmware forum

Any of these three firmwares are pretty safe and can apply to any and all possible uses of your drive.

To flash the latter 2, I recommend going to and getting the Win32gui flasher…safe and easy to use…even lets you backup your current firmware.

There are a lot of “beta” firmwares…best source to ask is Liggy