May I offer some suggestions for this forum?



Hey all and especially noobs, I’d like to have your thoughts on this:

I’m sure I wouldn’t be the 1st to say to you the fact that these forums are SOOOOO full of amazing info it is overwhelming, and I see that there is a certain amount of frustration with people trying to get their heads around stuff and in the sheer amount of time it takes to read through post’s that they’re hoping might have a particular answer. Now instead of complaining, I would like offer some constructive thoughts if I may. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be better to find something easily by maybe going to a designated area or thread rather than the “stumble across the answer by accident” approach? :clap: Even using the search can get VERY tedious and you’re likely to get sidetracked onto other interesting things if you don’t watch it!!! :doh:

In the last few days I’ve spent absolutely hours and been hard out reading heaps in these forums and I’m trying to get my head around, in particular, media codes, other codes/serial numbers, acronyms and who’s a manufacturer as apposed to who’s a Brand name. Things that once you know there’s not a problem as long as you have a good memory that is. :doh: Remember knowledge is relative to what you’ve spent your life learning about. Please don’t expect us newbies to automatically just have an inbuilt knowledge of everything DVD/CD. :slight_smile:

Now I could almost give you 100% guarantee that if someone was able to somehow to get this info in one place, and call the thread something like “Media Codes, Acronyms and Glossary Tutorial” it would be visited time and time again with relish. :iagree: There would be less questions about these things scattered here and there if people could find them in one place, and that in turn would be better for the mods and everyone else eh? :iagree:

I know there is a “movable” aspect to all this where different Brands change their source etc. but do the actual media codes change? A collusion of info that is in one place would be a really neat solution if someone could pull it off. Maybe it would help too if I say where I’ve found it difficult to find a quick answer…

  • where people aren’t always clear as to whether they are talking about CDs or DVDs.
  • What all the acronyms stand for (as I"ve mentioned).
  • Who is a Manufacturer and who is a Brand Name (as Ive mentioned)
  • I cant easily find media codes for CD-R (W) Ive been to videohelp forums and I can’t seem to find codes there either for CD-Rs.

It wouldn’t need to be a great big thread, but just something where people can find the main outlay of the things that don’t actually change. There must be a few things that don’t change, right?

Also as just an idea, it would be good for only designated people like those who know what theyre talking about, to keep the thread updated as things change or if there’s something to be added… then you won’t have noobs like me coming in and inadvertantly screwing up the works with skewiff info. :rolleyes:

As I say these are just some thoughts and I think this would really benefit the forum immensely.

Anyone else got anything constructive they might want to add, pile in and say so!!!

Cheers, Musical.


Wouldn’t this thread fit into [B]CD Freaks Forum Talk[/B] much better? :cop:


I’m happy to leave it where it is right now, since it’s pertaining to a specific forum (this one), rather than the CDF forums as a whole.

But if Drage feels it should be moved to Forum Talk, that’s fine with me :slight_smile:


Hi guys,
Yep move it if you want, but be aware that almost everything I said about searches and info, actually did pertain to this forum in particular. Most certainly it is intended to reflect info on blank media. Hope that clarifies. :slight_smile:



I’m fine with leaving it here since it’s specifically about the Blank Media forum(s).