May I Make a Suggestion

Can all stop asking for add-ons and PSP and the like till Fantago can get the DVD burning program to work right. This was what the program started out for. I have not had version since the old ones that has burned right yet. Let’s give him a chance to catch up on this first and then he can work on the added programs in his newer versions. I’m having to use RipIt4 Me to copy a purchased DVD till he can fix his program. I hope I won’t catch to much flak for this post. Thanks

Well camper913, all of us are not experiencing problems, so to ask forum members to stop making requests is just not going to fly. Sorry you are having problems but some of us want more features and upgrades. After all that’s what we paid for. I am sure upgrades, bug fixes and feature adds can be done at the same time. Fengtao can walk and chew bubble gum. Actually, he does it rather well. :smiley:

Hi camper913.

Have not heard from you lately and hate that you cannot get the program to work. Which version and what problems are you having?


Hi Mack. I’m useing Platinum, I did not get the new update version as just about everyone had a problem with it. I do main movie only and I get picture flicker or jumps in an area but usually goes on and plays fine. And for aust3333, looks like i’m not the only one wanting a new update to fix things by reading this fourm. I just thought that Fantago would like a chance to fix the most important part of his program.

camper913, Is it all films or specific ones (Sony etc) Also what media are you using, sorry to be specific, but may help the likes of maineman & Bigmacnc

Thanks, Peter.

Hi Peter, I’m useing cheap media, NeXTech, which has worked quite well for me. No specific movie by who ever. I can do a movie with Fab Platinum and get a problem and turn around and use RipIt4Me and get a very good copy that plays good. All my suggestion was on this post is lets give the man a chance to catch up as he knows he has a very bad new version out that don’t work for a very big bunch of users. We keep asking for more and more add ons. Next thing he will have to become another Microsoft and charge $500.00 for his program. It’s time to let him get what he has in the program to work right for all. Thanks.

Personally, I think regardless of the app (DVDFab, Ripit4Me, AnyDVD) it is always going to be a cat and mouse game. New DVDs come out with new protection which will cause older versions to crash and they must be updated. You really can only be reactive to crashes and can’t predict what new protection will be used.

However, I feel camper913’s pain in updating to the new version and can’t get it to work…then downgrading to an older one and can’t backup the new movies. I just try to be patient and wait for the update

Try this: UNcheck the “Automatically Delete Temporary Files”, then rip something and see if the Temp files will play from the HDD using WinDVD or some other player. May be a burn issue. At what speed are you burning?

It aint the media. This is the version that makes skips, blips and freeeze ups on HDD files also. You guys must ahve forgot that.


Try this one

Most say it works for them, but I am using without problems.