May I how can go backward?

Hi to all,

I have recently upgrade my HP 9110i Cd burner BIOS to Hp 9300i. After the upgrade I get a lot of coasters (bad Cd). May I know is there any way for me to change my HP 9300 back to Hp 9100.

Now i have the following files on hand:

(1) 100e_10n.bin
(2) 9100_10c.bin
(3) Updcrx21.exe
(4) UP10N.bat

FYI, the readme file is here for your refernece:

Firmware upgrade for Sony CRX-100E CD-RW to version 1.0n

  1. The flash utility must be run only in real DOS mode (not in windows DOS box).

  2. During the flash you must have not disc in the drive.

UPDCRX.EXE commands

UPDCRX filename /AT|/98 [/P|/1|/2] [/M|/S]

You must at least set [filename] and [/AT or /98].
filename :Update filename
/AT : PC/AT compatible /98 : PC-98xx
/P,/1 : Primary /2 : 2ndary
/M : Master /S : Slave
/C : Write sequence change

The 4 possible combinations are :
1st IDE Master : updcrx21 100E_10N.bin /AT /1 /M
1st IDE Slave : updcrx21 100E_10N.bin /AT /1 /S
2nd IDE Master : updcrx21 100E_10N.bin /AT /2 /M
2nd IDE Slave : updcrx21 100E_10N.bin /AT /2 /S

Please kindly advise what should I do .

You had a 9110i - then flashed it to 9300 and now you want it to be a 9100…? I don`t quite follow…

Anyway try this:

Put all the files you have directly on C:\

Find out what IDE channel your drive is hooked up to.
(you may see the machine scanning the IDE channels on boot)

Lets say its the 2nd master ( /2 /M ), then go to REAL DOS mode - SHIFT + F5 on boot

Write this:

C:\UPDCRX21 9100_10C.BIN /AT /2 /M

If your drive is localized you will be asked if you will replace the .BIN file …select Y

Now the Flash memory updates…success ??