May I have a a Lite-ON SOHC-5232K bin file please?

May I have a a Lite-ON SOHC-5232K bin file [firmware update file] please?

I badly need this thing. I’m sick of my SONY CRX320E’s buggy firmware.

Any bin file will do.

To those who own this, please have mercy and extract the bin file from the drive by using flashtool then send it to me.

I’ve googled this all night to no avail. links to liteon bins were removed and so are on the other sites. I’ve tried to extract bins from flashfiles but they were encrypted and thus cannot be extracted yet.

Please PM me for my email.

Thanks a lot guys! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot to you sir! (you know who you are, im not sure if can mention your name so I didn’t) You’re a saviour! :slight_smile: God bless!

Couldn’t you just FlashFix the LiteOn flasher?

I’ve got NK06 NK07 NK0A NK06 binaries and I can mail them to you if you want. However, Code65536’s idea might be at least as easy or easier way :wink:

You can contact me through my site if you want.

It keeps sayin that "couldn’t find known string…compressed?

I’ve read somewhere that the program is encrypted it so it can’t be extracted using the said utility.

Anyway, it’s ok now. Just flashed it using your NK0E Patched 16x. Thanks a lot to you sir :bow:

Thanks a lot sir. I had solved the problem already but my many thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

That’s because it is compressed :wink: UPX has to be present at the same dir as Flashfix to enable handling compressed flashers. I thought I made it clear enough at the page. Apparently not.

hahaha! now I see, i was wondering: What compressed? winrar is not seeing it as compressed, what is this thing saying?? LOL

This is actually my first time to flash a combo drive into another brand, moreso, flash it with a modified flash bin file. hehehe. Thank god, it’s successful :slight_smile:

Thanks to all of you guys! You Rock!

z8 you have private message

What’s wrong with the CRX320E ?
I was going to update it to NYK5 (before putting in a USB external case), as the deturbo 40x speed seems better for reliability, but if that’s weak, I’ll go with NK0H instead.