May have season disc problem

not saying it is a sure thing but just tonight ive read threads with trouble backing up season disc. such as sopranos, 24 and planet earth.

Noticed the same thing, but just did Family Guy seasons 1 and 2 with no trouble and have already done Sopranos and LOST months ago, no sweat. Main Movie mode does not work well with episodic TV discs sometimes, but full disc, clone or customize should be fine.:confused:

disc errors out everytime, only with this one, even my brothers copy of same disc, write/ read errors on sopranos season 3 disc 2, rest of season rips fine, not a error.

that does seem to be problematic?

signals, just to be sure, did you do season 3 of sopranos?

i myself have backed up 6 seasons, 15 discs, of sex and the city.