May be stupid audio question but

I was able to burn my DVD, but once i started watching it, after the first chapter of the movie there was no audio anymore. this has happend on both of the dvd’s i have copied thus far. The video is still there for the entire movie.

My burning process included: 1) DVD decrypter 2) DVD Shrink 3)Deep Burner

any suggestions or ideas how to fix this problem???

Be careful what audios you uncheck and check in Shrink! Also be sure you open Disk image in Shrink! Uncheck all audios except your language and 5.1 in compression reauthor mode! Or any mode!

what is compression reauthor mode???

so i are you saying i coule have too many audio boxes checked by not unchecking them?

no. you’re better off having too many checked than not enough. at least that way you knoe the one you need will be on the disk and you can use the audio button to get to it if you have to.

There’s no such thing as “compression reauthor mode”

there is however the reauthor mode in shrink. if you’re not using reauthor mode, don’t worry about it.

as far as sound cutting out part way through the movie, that should have nothing to do with the audio tracks you’ve selected. If it was there for the beginning of the movie, it should be there for the rest of the movie.

i take it the original doesn’t also carry this same problem?

i can’t think of any reason that would happen in decrypter or shrink, and I have no idea what “Deep Burner” is or how it works so I can’t speak for that.

I don’t really have much info in regards to your problem, I just wanted to clear up the above points so you don’t get more confused!

Hello! Look at Shrink very carefully! If you are in reauthor mode / compression! Do as I said and live long and prosper! LOL
Notice all those boxes checked! Never do that in reauthor mode! Full disk mode you can leave them all checked. Just remember that the reauthor mode gives you the least compression and best quality!

For reauthor mode yes! Only check 5.1! For Full disk make sure you have the main movie highlighted when you mess with the audio tracks! Notice you have compression settings everywhere in Shrink! Use them to your benefit! Delete the stuff you don’t need and make all the menus still pics.

You can use Nero or DECRYPTER to burn direct out of Shrink! Any particular reason you are using deep burner?
Also at 100% you are at full quality for the movie! That should be your goal if you have a large screen TV! 70% compression setting looks ok on smaller screens(32" and below)