May 2002 - Best Blindwrite Comic (up to now)

Hi there,

I thought I might publish again the best Blindwrite comic, ever. The following comic had the most downloads from the BW-section:

So … here comes the old one :wink:

(24th May 2002)

Like always - Enjoy!


I really like this one

Yeah - me, too :bigsmile:
But we should really wait for the new comics :wink:


For all those wondering where this old comic is:

Here it is:

…right from the start… the year 2002 … boy that were times :iagree: :iagree:


It’s a nice comic, but in my opinion not the best, you’ve made some comics that are way better!! :iagree:

@Namoh… you have to look at the date of the thread. This thread was published at the 24th October 2003 (!!!) … and during that time… this was the best (or at least) the comic that was downloaded the most! :slight_smile:

I know, but in my opinion you also made better comics than this one before the 24th October 2003. :iagree:

Okay… understood that… so what do you think about the latest comic?

You haven’t posted feedback on that one… :slight_smile:

I love this comic! It ALWAYS makes me laugh. :bigsmile:

So many comics it’s hard to choose.