Maxwell DVD+R Hit or a MISS?

So what is the verdict on maxwell dvd+r? I am asking for a buddie do they suck or are they okay thanks for the help.

If Made in Japan, good, and if they’re Made in Taiwan they’re likely to be Ritek, so not so good.

i see… i guess i need to run a scan to find out can I do this with nero 7?

As Arachne said they must be made in japan. Yes you can use nero cd/drive speed under disc info tab.

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Maxwell or Maxell? I wouldn’t say they suck, but you can get better discs for less money. The ones I have used are Maxell +R 16x (RIOCHJPNR03). They are very sexy looking discs with a gold and green top. I find the quality tends to vary a lot, even between discs from the same pack.

You can get better quality Verbatim, TY and TDK media for the same price.

It is a hit!

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I agree with Skelton - ANd BTW it’s Maxell not Maxwell unless you are talking about buying spindles of coffee :wink:

Maxell was THE brand I used the most back then when they were decent discs and used RICOHJPN01 - Anything past 2004 was going down hill. I personally did not have issues with their RITEK discs but as time went buy they have become much worse. Their customer support is arrogant and uninformed (they deny that their discs are outsourced or even knowing some batches uses RITEK dyes) the quality is extremely variable now and I have noticed dye defects on many batches - Quality control is not up to par - I can say the same about TY in terms of quality control but TY still remains consistently good/better in comparaison. You have different types of Maxell, the made in japan ones are now MAXELL002/003, the made in taiwan ones will be RITEK, either way I have always had a high error rate with maxell, and their MIJ discs were not any better, I would personally now steer clear from Maxell discs - I have personally gotten the Plus series to try and was disappointed with the results they had spots on the dye and had PIF counts in the 6000 and poor playability (skiping, freezes, etc) and error rate would get progressively worse over time, Never had issues with the RITEKR02/03 RICOHJPN R01/R03 :smiley:

Myself I use TY or Verbatim which I think are the best but other people will have their own brand they use so no one can make up your mind for you as you have to make your own choice there is also a blank media forum on here that you might want to go visit and read a few post to see whats going on. Anyway I wish you the best of luck finding the right media

Thank you guys for the input I am thinking about putting 15 dollars towards a 50 pack of Verbatim DVDRs that are at best buy.

I know it is Maxell now lol not maxwell oops typo!

Newegg has virbatim DVD+R media free shipping with a $13 mail in rebate final cost $18.99. Only one rebate perperson or household.

Re: the Maxell RICOHJPN R03…I’ve found they can be OK, but I tend to use them for everyday use. :slight_smile:

When Maxell switched to Ritek G05’s the quality for me was better than the unbranded or Ridata branded Ritek G05’s. Most of these Maxell’s still have decent scans and play perfectly while the other G05’s don’t…some with playback problems.

However, note that last month I bought a 100-pack of Maxell +R’s from Office Depot. Maxell has switched over to [B]CMC MAG M01’s[/B] now. I promply returned these to Office Depot.

I have nothing but problems with anything CMC coded…red HP’s, the new TDK 16x’s and Philips. (My burners are NEC’s…2 3550’s, and a 3500.) I’m glad I ultimately switched to Verbatim.

I am not too impressed with DVD+R of Maxell the -R has been more reliable.

I tried some Maxell DVD+RW and they were ok for a couple of burns and then they were junk. I’ll never buy Maxell again.

Maxwell are 3rd and 4th class media ( junk )

I don’t go for calling it junk but not too desireable to buy.

I think that depends on the MID…they’ve been G05, which is definitely 4th class media ;)…but the 16x +Rs I have are RICOHJPN R03, which aren’t bad at all, my Sammy likes them :slight_smile: