MaxVeloSSD Version September 2015



We have worked on this Software and meanwhile are here:

Changes in Version

Thoroughly tested under Windows 10. Bugs with multiple cache Data Volumes removed. Bugs in the Cache engine were removed. Bugs with recovery after power loss were removed. Recovery is now quicker, especially when the write cache is filled up. Earlier versions needed to write the Write Cache back completely before boot. That could result in frustrating long boot times. Internal corruption due Power loss / reset occurred every once and a while. This is fixed. If an internal on disk structure is corrupted ( possible write error while loosing power ) fallback failover recognizes and replaces it.

Changes in Version

Restart after power off / reset was reworked and will restore the Volumes State transaction safe in no time at the next startup. There is no Data loss or loss of Transaction safety. The system is restored to the state it had 0 to 10 seconds before the power off. Other small changes enhance quality of service of cache.