Maxtor SATA 300GB For $79.99 @ Fry's



Fry’s Electronic has on sale today (Friday Feb.16) Maxtor SATA Hard Drive 300GB with 150 TR for $79.00


Its a 320. Nice deal.


free shipping! Just bought one. This is a very good deal folks for a 320GB with 16MB.


You can’t beat this deal, 320GB SATA for $79.99. I have no space in my case otherwise this HD is ideal deal.


I need a 320GB SATA drive to match up with my current HD for a RAID1 config.

Since I have a Seagate 7200.9 320GB SATA currently, I would like to stick with a 7200.9/10 version for RAID1. Should I wait around to see if Fry’s runs them on special, or grab this WD deal?

I’ve had really good luck with all the Seagates I’ve bought in the past.



You are right - and this is the [I][B]best[/B][/I] way for you to go IMO-eh!


Okey dokey… I’ll be checking this forum daily for a deal on a 7200.10 Seagate SATA… would prefer a retail version. Ya’ll keep your eyes open for me :wink:


Seagate & Maxtor now are merged and is now one company and remember these attactive deal are only come for Maxtor.


Well, Seagate and Maxtor may be part of the same company, but they are by no means the same drives.

I’m not claiming one is better than the other.

Also, there have been some great deals on Seagates lately, even at retail. I picked up 400GB SATA Seagates for $100-119 recently.


May Fry’s have Seagate on sale this Friday also but by experience I have notice that the sale price for Seagate is not as attractive as it is for Maxtor.