Maxtor one touch format for pc

Hi Everybody,

I hope someone will be able to help me with my problem, I will appreciate it a lot!

Here it goes: two years ago I bought a maxtor one touch IEEE 1394 5B P2 Device in Belgium and used it on a my mac with a firewire. Now I moved to LA and bought a laptop pc with no firewireport, so I need a usb cable 2.0.

The problem is that I also left my installation cd at home in Bekgium and my laptop does not regognize the device + the maxtor has been formatted for Mac.

So I have no idea how to format my Maxtor for pc and how to get the
installation cd!

I’m really not smart when it comes to computers so is there someone who knows what I should do to make my Maxtor work on my laptop?

Thank you already!

Best Regards,

IF you’re running XP on the laptop then the drivers should be there. However if they’re not, or you are running Win 98 then try the Maxtor website: most peripheral manufacturers have the drivers available under the ‘Support’ category.