Maxtor External Harddisk And NTFS

I edit a lot of videos from my camcorder and need a larger harddisk than my 80 Gig one (which also houses a Linux partition, a Windows XP partition, programs and data). So I bought a Maxtor OneTouch External Harddisk 300 GB.

As you video editors know, unless you format your harddisk with NTFS, you can only save about 17 minutes worth of video every time (which is about 1 GB of uncompressed AVI data, the limit of filesize that FAT allows). So from the beginning I have wanted to format my new Maxtor with NT file system.

Unfortunately, XP somehow botched it. The harddisk was formatted successfully but then everytime I booted the computer, XP would redirect me to the blue screen saying “one of your disks need scanning” and it always found lost sectors and such and try to fix them. When Windows finally starts my new harddisk was always reported to be “unformatted” again.

This happened over and over again, and reformatting it in FAT didn’t help either. In my frustration I finally returned the Maxtor and got an identical one. Since then I haven’t dared to format it and have left it at FAT as the factory obviously intended it to be.

Wherein lies the error? XP formatting program or the Maxtor itself, or is it something else? Does anybody have a similar experience? BTW I connect it to my computer (Duron 1000, Asus A7V266E, 640 MB RAM) through Firewire.

Try a 3rd party partionting prog?


There shouldn’t be any problem with formatting an external drive. But I always use Partition Magic for such chores. But why not use the new larger drive for your system (internal). OR for that matter, why not use both drives internal?

You should be able to partion the drive from within Windows XP management window.

I would Partion the drive make 3 partions or more as it is 300GB.

I would go with 3 partions of approx 100GB each.

I’d agree with JJ on partioning the drive. Otherwise if drive comes pre-formatted at fat32 in a single partition and you don’t want change the partition size, then run the convert utility to NTFS:

Example: From a command window - convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs