Maxtor diamond 120gb

I believe this is the drive that i saw at best buy. it was 80 dollars with a mail in rebate, and by the time i’ve gotten all their other coupon stuff on it, it’ll be about 65 $. is it reliable? any experiences? and even if its not, for 50 cents a gb, im sorely tempted…please, guide me

I have a pair of Maxtor D740L 20GB. I believe there were to version of this HD, ball and fluid, I got the fluid version thus the L code. I’ve been using them for almost 2 years now. They’ve been fast, reliable, and most importantly to me, very very quiet.

There are two 120GB versions w/ that price tag, 6Y120L0 and 6Y120P0 (OEM models). Both are DiamondMax Plus 9 drives, but the latter comes w/ 8MB cache. The retail version of the 8MB cache drive is L01P120, but strangely only comes w/ an 1 year warranty, while it’s OEM counter part comes w/ 3.