Maxtor comes with fire and waterproof hard disk

I just posted the article Maxtor comes with fire and waterproof hard disk.

What do you get when you mix water with a hard disk? What about a hard disk and fire? Well? Right, a lot of problems! Seagate and a company named Sentry also found this out and came up with a…

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Is anyone interested besides James Bond? :wink:

Still sux Seagate bought Maxtor, since then their HDD seem to have become worse :frowning:

James Bond? No. State and local government? Definitely. As someone who works with county and court clerks, I can tell you that anything that helps protect documents against disasters is a good thing and a “must have”. I hope this turns out to be a reliable product and becomes an industry standard. I’m showing this article to my boss as soon as I get to work.
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