Maxtor 6B200MO Sata recovery?

no never it has always been for storage

I’m stumped… The only alternative I can suggest now is to go the dynamic disk route, but the odds are you will lose all your data.

I see what you are saying about the latest bios being 1007. Would it hurt or help anything if I were to update the bios?

I am currently tring to use nortons ghost at the moment seeing as it is th only progy to even recognize the drive as something. Once ghost makes the image i will delete the partion and reformat and start over hoping i saved the data

It hard to say what the latest BIOS fixed. It can’t hurt to upgrade, as long as it flashes without any problem. Does ASUS have a Webflash utility?

hey, i’m assuming you went through the same exact procedure as you did when you first installed the drive (before the OS clean install). was there anything in particular you had to do to get it working before?

yes they got pretty much anything you would need to flash it with. They even provided a step by step guide with pics if really needed.

Ghost has been backing up for a little over 30 minutes now…Im sure 80 soomething gig is gonna take a while. If this dont work I will try the bios and if that dont work I will try to put it in a friends rig and see if i can recover anything from there and so on got to take it one step at a time

No there wasnt anything i had to do to get it working last time just edit the reg to recognize 137 GB and up and i already did that

i’ve never had to edit my registry to recognize 137GB+… :confused:

From Win2K SP4 and WinXP SP2 hard drives larger than 137GB are recognized natively.
Prior OS’s use an enablelargeLBA utility available on the web.

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even with WinXP SP1 first machine below recognized a 250GB SATA HD without any additional modification to the registry or any tweaks or anything.

You must lead a charmed life then.

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When i was trying to use my maxtor disk that is what it told me. I already applied SP2 as well.

I am currently 1:20 minutes in to the ghost and only got 40 gig done so far.:eek: Guess i got at least another hour to go

Here’s a link in the event you need it.
Be sure to post when you’re done and everything is working OK. I’m still perplexed as to why it wouldn’t recognize the drive. Are you going to flash the BIOS also?

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ditto :confused:

Only if i had too. I am going to look into the revision 1007 before i do it and see what support is different and what they have done. Thanks for the link I am going to look at it right after i hit the post button.

here is where I am at right now. I cant use Norton Ghost I dont have enogh hd space unless i go buy another hd, which I may do.

but at the moment I am in dos and doing a chkdsk /r on the specific drive to see if there was anything corrupt that is causing this problem.

If anyone else has anymore idea or suggestions they would be very appreciated.

I really dont want to lose this data on this drive but I am coming to the point that I may have to.

Thanks drpino and pipemanid for you help so far.

How about getting an external USB/Firewire case? Maybe a little cheaper than a new HD and you could use it for portable storage. I’ve been digging deep into the recesses of my brain and just can’t figure this one out. I’m sure there’s someone out there that’s had a similar problem.

We can do anything now that scientists have invented magic./.

i’m sorry we couldn’t be of more help, rfjr23…you’ve got both of us stumped. let’s see if anyone else can come up with any suggestions. you wouldn’t happen to have another PC that you could try the drive in?

One last thing to try:
Boot up with the Maxblast CD and under drive utilities or maintenance options there is an option to rewrite the MBR. I’m grasping at straws now, but it’s worth a try.

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Nope. My other pc needs a new mobo and I have been a little lazy to go pick one up. Guess I should go ahead and get a new one. Would have helped :iagree:.
If I cant make it by the store tommorow I am gonna go by a friends house and us his to see if I can do it there.

right now the chkdsk is at 62% of stage 4 so Im hoping it wont be much longer. If it is I may go to bed and mess with it before i go to work in the morning. It’s getting late here and maybe i need a little sleep to think on it.