Maxtor 500GB PATA or SATA ON Sale for $119.99



Fry’s Electronics has Maxtor 500GB SATA or PATA hard drive on sale today (Friday April 13) for $119.99 with no MIR required.


How about Seagate 500GB for $120?


I searched and found a review not giving a glowing support of Fry’s customer service…so review the manufacture customer reviews or BBB before buying from online and then make your choices then…


I just got the a Seagate 250 GB for $50 from them and have had no problems.


I have bought several drives online. If you have a problem with Maxtor before 3years of manufacture dat they will overnight you another equal to or larger with a return pick up slip to return the old one. Just have to put up CC number as colateral. I guess now that Seagate has bought them out the service is the same except Seagate is 5 years. I bought a know bad Maxtor on ebay after verifying date and they replaced it with a larger HD. I think those who may have problems with Frys may not have much computer building experience. Best Buy does too much bait and switch so I avoid them.



I agree with both posters on both integrity of Maxtor honoring their warranty even when the warranty period has expired and reliability of Fry’s Electronics.


You are right.

Frys has good prices but the customer support is worse than garbage. I dont think they have any human beings receiving customer calls. The phone just keeps ringing…try it out I am not joking.


Hey don’t go to fast although I agree with but depends what location you’re are calling or dealing with. Try to call Fry’s in Oxnard you completely get deferent treatment. For Fry’s at beach cities you are right the customer service sucks.