Maxtor 500 GB $90

Wow, sub $0.20/gig prices have arrived, AND it’s PATA. Hmmm… I’m so very tempted, but it’s a Maxtor. Must resist! Must wait… but I’m afraid of PATA drive prices headding the other direction soon as the industry trys to make the change to SATA only. :confused: What to do?


The last NEW maxtor I bought was junk, my old 20 gig one lasted almost 6 years so I don’t know. Maybe now that seagate has them they have improved again, hard to say. My last newer one was a cheap 120 with a year warranty, I kept it on the shelf till one of my older drives died and it also died in less then a year of use, but warranty was dead as well from sitting around…:a
I have had all major brands die on me but most of them were at least 5 years old in constant use before they did.
I have been using the new Seagate SATA300 .10 drives lately with good luck but they’ve only been installed maybe 3-4 months now, they do have 5 year warrantees.

some of the maxtor are the seagate 7200.10, a few received the seagate drive inside the maxtor box with 7200.10, just that the warranty is reduced to 3 yrs under maxtor brand

All of my maxtors have died to date except the 1’st one, a massive 240mb ala 1993, but still runs 24/7/365 operating my home automation programs on a gateway 486DX2/66.

This looks good for a backup drive you disconnect after use, using one of those usb to ata/sata adapters. Plus, since my mobo doesn’t do sata I might need to grab it regardless.

Note to self: Upgrade mobo/cpu! Old 20’th century mobo/1.4ghz as main system is sad.:sad:

hmmmm, this drive will cost more than your whole system. Hope your system recognizes the drive and allow you to have full 500gb partition since the motherboard is old. I will probably recognize it as a 1 gb hard drive.

I’ve got one of those ugly seagate external 500gb drives that it see’s with no problem.

I’m going to either have my friends help me build my new one, I’m a quadriplegic so they’re my hands. I can’t get them here soon enough I’ll have a shop I know do the barebones box and go from there. The latter choice is just more cash. :frowning: I’d just do a mobo/cpu swap but this box is packed solid with drives and I need more space.