Maxtor 40Maxx 1248AJ problem

whenever i try to burn a cd with nero with my 40Maxx my whole system slows down.

Intel P4 2.4Ghz
512MB 2700 DDR
100GB hd space (2 drives)
Liteon 12x10x24x burner
this burner.

DMA is enabled on all of the IDE channels. The drive is detected fine both in the POST and windows.

Whenever i burn a disc with the liteon its fine. Whenever i try to do the same with the 40Maxx, i can see the buffer go up and down all the time, and my system gets bogged down ALOT (almost 99% cpu usage by nero).

I’ve tried re-flashing the firmware, but that didn’t seem to work. I would have tried flashing it to a liteon firmware, but i dont know how (i assume you have to do something different than just download the firmware for the device and run it).

Any ideas? Thanks.


You can try flashing it to a Lite-ON. Just get the Lite-ON Windows updater, and use FlashFix on it.