Maxtor 160gb 8mb cache + pci ata 133 card 79.00 + tax on 179.00 Starts SUNDAY 7/13



[b]NOTE the info I got seems to be bad they have posted a 50.00 rebate and lowered the price of the drive to 169.00 making the deal not as hot at 99.00 after rebate and 20.00 couponif you can find one in stock at a local office depot the price for in-store pickup drops to 149.00 - 20.00 coupon - 50.00 rebate bringing the deal back to 79.00

Drive link

This Sunday[/b] at Office Depot online, Maxtor 160gb 8mb cache w/ata card for $169, use the $50 rebate and also use $20 off $75+ coupon code, 095464018 . Final price, $99

Maxtor drive $169

  • $80 Rebate
  • $20 coupon 095464018 or 26489511 or 84697512 or 26480212
    = $79

Thanx gameface02@fw:bow:You may need to use this link to enter coupon Click on it BEFORE you begin shopping !


Oh man, should I get another one? Maybe pair it w/ the one I bought last month and RAID-0 them?:bigsmile:


Yeah !!! never worry about a buffer under-run again !!:stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm… strange. I’ve added the coupon first, followed by the drive, but when I tried to checkout, error came out saying the total value of my cart is $0.00. Is it just me or is everybody else having this prob? Or maybe I got in too early.

Update: SOBs just changed the price to $190. Well, so much for getting in the deal. First you can’t apply the coupon, now they jacked up the price and you can’t checkout. Nice.:Z

Update #2: Ok, seems like they went through some config problems. It’s all good now. Even lowered the priced to $169.84. My final price for the drive after rebate is -

(162.58 + .37) - $80 = $82.95

They don’t have it in stock in my area and will require 3 day delivery. I can live w/o the extra 153GB.