Maxtor 15 gig help

my friend gave me a 15 gig maxtor drive that future shop said was broke. My friend said it was loose and shorted out when the computer was on. The drive “looks” perfect ecept for one componet which looks burnt out. I have not tried this drive in my computer yet because i am paranoid i will break something. Is it safe to scan a picture of a hard drive? I would like to know what component is burnt out so i can try to replce it. On the circuit bord the part is labled L20and a number i can’t read. it is right next to the power plug on the far left of the drive. I’ll scan a piture if it is safe to do so.

Thank you
sorry for the long post.

You can safely scan your hard disk with a regular scanner, all it will do is expose it to some light, a hard disk should be able to handle that.

For the rest I can’t help you, I have absolutely no understanding of circuitry and such…

Guess you have never read one of my long postings, then you whould not have said this was a long posting if you had :smiley:

here is a picture look at L201 or whatever. Could someone please tell me what this part is maybe i could test it somehow.

wow thanks for that detailed answer. I have not tried to solder it yet. I also notifced one of the jumpers was set horisontaly. are any jumpers suposed to go this way?

Gee that was a mistake. I kinda ripped one half of the connector right off the circuit. tried to fix it but it still won’t work. I guess i’ll go see if any computer shops around here have an extra circuit.