Maxtor 120 gb 8 mb drive at BB 60.00 after rebates



Maxtor 120G (8M) hard drive $59.99 AR bestbuy B&M only–from now!

model: L01P120, 120G 8M cache hard drive
check out at $129.99 (same price as online too)

print out 2 rebates:
$30 MFR rebate (also available online, requires original UPC), goes to
$40 BB rebate (NOT available online, seems instore only! requires copy of UPC)

There is also a price tag stating this:

$129.99-$70 rebate = $59.99

Both rebates range from 7/13-7/19

But the new low price $129.99 is from today 7/15 (yersterday $149.99)
seems they are trying to beat the price of staples.
(BB always do that. last time they beat compusa on this same drive).


I picked one up yesterday for that price, but the rebates printed out were both $30, not $30 and $40. I’ll have to go back again and check.


this same thing has happened to others … go to cust. service desk with reciept and tell them they advertised a 40.00 + 30.00 rebate andf they should refund the 10.00 difference… they have for many others in the same situation


Cool, thanks. I’ll do that before I go to work again. Hopefully, they will honor it even if the tag isn’t up anymore.

Update: I stopped by and although the tag wasn’t up there anymore (typical), BB did refund back the money.