Maxtec (FTI) DVD+R DL Outperforms Singapore Verbatim



Dear Friends
I Am A Wholesaler Blank Media In IRAN . I Tried Over Many Companies Like Ritek/Mitsubishi/MBI And After All I Am Using And Selling Falcon Media Products
That I Want To Develop My Work With Them Because The Factory Is Really near To Us And I Asked Friends On This Forum That Tell Me The Quality Test And Benchmarks But I Did Not Get Any Reply. From Now I Test And Put Them In This Forum.

I Recently Bought 82.000Pcs MAXTEC DVD+R DL From FTI.
I Really Supprised With The Superb Quality Of Them
This Model Is Lower Than Falcon Pro And Falcon Standard . Tried 2.4X(Overburn 8334MB) 4X and 6X.

This Is Overburned With Lite-On 524B Written 2.4X And Tested 8X

Written 4X Tested 12X

Written 6X Tested 12X