MaximumPC discovers problem with Lite-On ripping, IAA, Audiograbber

MaximumPC came today, apparently the DAE benchmarks they’ve been using for the last 4 months are void. It turns out that using the IAA with Lite-On drives over 32x through Audiograbber and a few other apps results in crap rips. The beginning and end tracks are okay but the middle tracks are garbage, which is why benchmarks using this were getting 70-80 secs to rip a whole cd.

I use Audiograbber but I don’t know what IAA is.

I’d like to check that out as I never noticed anything wrong while ripping with Audiograbber but then again I use EAC more and more lately and I can’t say for sure that I have ripped with my Liteon and Audiograbber as I used to use a Plextor before I switched to the Liteon.:confused:

IAA is the Intel Application Accelerator, a utility/driver for Intel chipsets from the 800 series and on.

Anyway, here’s more:

“It seems that when Audiograbber extracts audio from a Lite-On optical drive installed on a system running Intel Application Accelerator 2.0, some of the ripped tracks can end up garbled or devoid of any sound whatsoever. The problem seems to occur with drives rated in excess of 32x when ripping tracks at the maximum or default setting”

and then, the solution:

“After discussing the bug with the programmers who wrote Audiograbber, we were able to fix the problem by installing the Adaptec ASPI manager from”

So, chances are most CDFreaks are not susceptible to this, as the ASPI layer is used by most of us.

Source: MaximumPC November 2002

IAA = Intel Aplication Accelerator ?

Thanks, the explanation was very helpful and I appreciate your giving it. :slight_smile: