Maximum Write Speeds

Hi there.

I was wondering if anyone has any reliable information on what the maximum possible speeds available on the market today for DVD +/- R/RW and DVD-RAM?

I have read a few articles about what is coming up later in the year but i wanted to know what is CURRENTLY the maximum.

I’d greatly appreciate any help!


Hi and welcome to cdfreaks,

here are the current max. write speeds

18x for DVD±R (with some Plextor drives)
10x for DVD+R DL
8x for DVD+RW
6x for DVD-R
8x for DVD-R DL
52x for CD-R
32x for CD-RW
12x for DVD-RAM (DVD-RAM²)

if I´m not mistaken :confused:

16x DVD-RAM will follow soon.

Just remember that those speeds are advertised speeds. We usually record at about 50% of the posted speed in some cases and even slower to prevent bad burns+coasters. 12X is the max for me on good media and +R. 16X usually results in significant slowdowns at the end of the buring process.

Thanks heaps for that.

18x is available?

I thought it wasn’t going to be out until later in the year (or maybe that’s just in Australia)

BTW - how do you do the +/- like this “DVD±R”?

The DVD Forum deals with all standards except DVD±RW correct? So who controls the standards for DVD±RW?