Maximum Number Of Successive Burns


I was wondering, what’s tha maximum number of blank dvds you can burn after each other keeping the quality of burned copies and the drive life expectancy to maximum.

Using Nec 2500 and Datasafe Ritek G04 , with herrie’s firmware b5.

It has something to do with heat i guess.

Thanks alot in advance.

I placed a system fan under my ND-2500. After each burn, the disc is only slightly warm. So I guess that I could do many burns in a row without diminishing the quality.

I’m a bit paranoid :slight_smile:

I do no more than 3 burns back to back. Typically its only 2 of them.

Am not planning to stress test my 2500 and find out what it can handle :slight_smile:

I’ve done 15 DVD 8X burns back to back in one night on Prodisc R02. All DVDs played fine

I’ve also burned many discs in a row (>10) without any issues :slight_smile:

14 DVD’s & 9 CD’s for about 10 hours.

I think you should check your drive :confused: .
I suggest you try it in another computer.

Well, I may be naive, but I don’t see any problems in burning as many media as wou like in a row. Of cause, the life of the burner will end one way or another, but if you spare the drive, it will become obsolete in a few years anyway. I haven’t bothered to find the MTBF (Mean time between failures) of the drive, but I expect it to be high.

Regarding the disc I am not aware of any negative effect involving the temperature of the disc at burn time - I cannot see any difference whether I burn in the winters (20°C) or in the summers (30°).

To sum it up - in my opinion, concentrate your concerns regarding temperature toward storing more than making the disc, although also in this case I expect all my high quality DVD’s to outlive the technology anyway…