Maximum file name length in UDF (?) ..and some unicode chars issues

Hi. Sorry if topic’s already been on this forum… (anyway I couldn’t find one)

What’s really maximum file name length in UDF standard?

White sheet of UDF says it’s 255 characters.

While specification of (for example) 2.01 UDF says it’s 255 bytes. So as Unicode char is 2 bytes (as far as I know) then probably length limit will be 127 char’s.

I’ve tried to add files with over 127 chars names to compliation and Nero automatically truncate names.
So there’s really no way to burn DVD data and keep such long file names?

I’ve go also issue with some unicode characters (at least in Nero and Burnatonce).
For example these software won’t accept: “è” character. Like lest’s say my file name is “Cortège something.txt” - Nero in it’s browser will see it as “CORTEGE~.TXT” (shows it in 8.3 format instead).
I think it’s definitive bug (or I should mess some software settings I don’t know about) as UDF supports Unicode. Any clues?

If impossible with Nero and Burnatonce… maybe there’s software which wouldn’t be that problematic with unicode chars.