Maximum burning speed ricohjpn01?

An easy question.
I have a Pioneer 108.
What is the max burning speed for ricohjpn01 media with standard f/w 1.18?

The one I want are Ridata ritek +R 4x. I wonder if I can burn them at 8x.

Big thanks :slight_smile:

I’m afraid not. Pioneer official firmwares are not really good at overspeeding 4X media. :sad:
But my BenQ and Plextor can. :bigsmile:

There is not much difference in prices between 4x and 8x anymore.

True but (believe or not, at least with my burners) R01-02@8X is better quality than R02-03@8X. :wink:

hm… my dvr-108 doesn’t like +r anyway, especially ricoh (ok, it’s 4x… but anyways). see scans below:

if the ricoh scan doesn’t show up, try here pie/pif with dvr-108

I guess you have not tried Verbatim +R 8x MCC 003 with your pioneer.:slight_smile:
Best scans I have ever had (and I have tried G05, G04, TY01 ,TY02, R03)

I was under the impression that ricohjpn01 and Pioneer 108 was a good match.

Anyone else have tried this media with non-hacked firmware?


I haven’t got any ricohjpn01’s, but fw1.18 will burn ricohjpnr02’s @12x which are rated @ 8x without any problems check this scan

I do not know where to buy the 02 where I live (Canada), I know I can buy the 01 at a good price.