Maxfield G-Flash Mp3 does not start

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Maxfield G-Flash Deluxe MP3-Player 1GB. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]Dear Sir, I have a 2 years old Maxfield G-Flash MP3-Player 1 GB. Used it with satisfaction in the past. Suddenly could not switch on. Some light for a minute is appearing, and automatically shut down. Action is a same characteristic, when battery power is not enough. However I changed for new battery - surely. Using as an USB-stick, it is working correctly, and after removing from USB port, it is switching automatically, and working. BUT to switch again after some hours, the above explained problem appearing. Pls kindly advise me, how to correct the above problem. Tks for your kind support. Regards: Judit Dobos
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Sounds like the device needs a reset. You should find the manual and then reset the device to factory defaults. Something may have gotten scrambled in the settings, which is causing the weird operation.

Sir i have a 512 maxfield mp3.It was working well when accedently i formated the whole thing.Now when i start it ,it reads’Boot error shuting down’.What should i do?

Hi, I have Maxfiled 2GB G-Flashing MP3 - WMA FM-player and its is showing as boot error can you please let me know how to fix the problem???