Maxell002 Dvd+r MIJ



Are these considered high quality dvd+rs?



Look here and see what you think. There are other Maxell002 burns scattered over various forums, but I don’t see them a lot in reality. From what I’ve seen, the Maxell mids overall are either superb or just ‘above average.’ From what I remember, the Maxell001 (DVD+R 4x) was a lot more consistent in burn quality from spindle to spindle. Of course, it also appears the burner’s write strategy will have something to do with how well it burns, but from that thread alone (and since older burners are used there), there’s not a lot of conclusive evidence on which burners do a better job with that mid. If you were speaking of a Liteon1693S, then MCC003/004 seem to be ‘nailed’ in terms of the write strats for that burner. Otherwise, the only real way to get ‘high grade’ media and be sure of consistent results is to order unbranded OEM TY from or a few other reputable online retailers.