Maxell001 DVD+R 4X and Toshiba SD-M1712




I burn some Maxell001 DVD+R 4X @ 4X with my NEC 2510 (last firmware) and with my new BenQ 1620 (last firmware) with Nero and 13, and they are not totally readable in my Toshiba SD-M1712, firmware X004 (rip lock) or J004 (no rip lock) : Nero CD-DVD Speed tests stop at the end of the disc, with an UNRECOVERED ERROR, only on my Toshiba.

Maxell discs read ok on my NEC 2510, BenQ 1620 and standalone Philips 737.
I see in the BenQ that max PIF < 10 and max PIE < 20 in the worst case.
Good burns… So.???

Why the hell my Toshiba SD-M1712 refuse to read those Maxell001 from start to end ? Maybe an unknow mediacode = default read strategy in the firmware, not suitable for maxell ?

Any idea/similar case will be appreciated. I have 2x25 of those Maxell :a


No idea ?


DVD drives don’t read discs differently based on media codes, so that’s not the issue. Maybe the Maxell discs you got have slightly lower reflectivity that makes them only marginally readable in the DVD-ROM drive. (I assume you are not locking the DVD-ROM into reading at max speed and it is allowed to spin down and retry reading when it hits errors toward the end.) It would be easier to diagnose if you posted some quality scans and read transfer curves.


O o o ! I’ve found that only my last Maxells doesn’t read from start to end on the Toshiba…

Others were burned with Nero (and not with Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.80 as the ones that failed, I think)… Mhhhhhh…


Ok, seems to be a weird problem with Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.80…

1/ An ISO image burned with Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.80 reads ok everywhere but not on my Toshiba SD-M 1712 :

The error message can vary.

This is reproductible. I lost 4 Maxell since I use it. I can’t believe it !
Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.80 doesn’t detect the true size of my ISO image. and fails !

2/ Same ISO image burned with DVDDecrypter : no problem on my Toshiba

I can’t believe it ! :confused: :frowning:

This has nothing to do with Maxell discs, sorry : a pure Nero CD-DVD Speed bug…

(The ISO image was made with Nero Burning ROM or 13 and seems ok)